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EMC Test Club logoOur mission is to train you to use EMC Test equipment, provide you with a high quality EMC test facility, and enable you to achieve EMC compliance faster by making changes ‘on-the-fly’ during testing, for you to self-certify or use for pre-compliance diagnostics, all at the lowest possible cost!

Training at the EMC Test ClubTraining is a cornerstone of the test club - both through formal sessions and on-going test experience where guidance is always available. The Club offers training courses for non-members as well as members, combining theory with hands-on practice.

Fully Anechoic ChamberThe EMC Test Club uniquely makes available to you screened chambers to use yourself, one of which is fully anechoic, so you can test in a quality environment with negligible background interference and minimised reflections. Easy to use software helps you get fast results, and the fully anechoic chamber lets you test at a fixed antenna height, which also saves time. Accurate radiated emission test results are achieved by incorporating a correction factor derived from the reference source, calibrated on a master Open Area Test Site.

Immunity testingVarious immunity tests can be performed at the Club, including radiated immunity, conducted immunity, Burst, Surge, ESD, and Power Quality. Radiated test fields are accurately controlled by a calibrated field strength monitor.

CE and FCC marksWe want you to achieve compliant products fast and at least cost, by fixing problems that might arise during testing straight away, wherever possible. Subcontracting EMC testing to others works well if your product passes first time, but if it fails, there is usually not much information coming back to help you avoid another failure on re-test. As the EU directive states, ‘....conformity is the responsibility of the manufacturer, without any need to involve an independent body’.

Save with EMC Test ClubAs well as all the other benefits of using the Test Club, it is also half the cost of having someone test for you. Whether you use the Test Club on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis for training or testing, or you join the Club, you will learn more and achieve EMC compliance faster, at the lowest possible cost.

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